Virjoy Luxury Product Series - Cotton Soft Packaging Design home

We are thrilled to announce our second project for Vijoy Hong Kong in 2021. Our team has been tasked with the packaging design and key visual development for the prestigious Virjoy Luxury product series. This high-quality line is the pinnacle of the brand's offerings, and we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

我們很高興在2021年為Vijoy 香港推出第二個產品設計項目。我們的團隊一直負責Virjoy Luxury產品系列的包裝設計和主視覺開發。 Virjoy Luxury這個高級系例無論在品質及原材料應用上是該品牌產品的巔峰之作,我們對提供卓越成果的能力充滿信心。

client:  Virjoy
categories:  packaging - campaign
year:  2022