Seafood Retail Section Makeover home

A seafood retail section makeover project for one of the chain supermarket group in China. Unlike the traditional seafood retail section in the supermarket only provide uncooked fresh and frozen seafood for the customer. This project aims to give a whole new shopping experience to the consumer that not only selling fresh seafood but also provide a decent environment with different cooking style for seafood. The consumer can rather take away the cooked seafood or even eating in the seafood bar.

The idea has come from the Japanese famous seafood market: “Tsukiji Outer Market”, which is a seafood trading market incorporate with retails and restaurant. Our mission on this project is creating a fresh look and feel to the seafood retail section. From naming, branding to operational identities like an uniform, interior, packaging…etc.

中国连锁超市集团的海鲜零售部门改造项目。 与超市的传统海鲜零售部门仅为客户提供未煮过的海鲜和冷冻海鲜不同。 该项目旨在为消费者提供全新的购物体验,不仅可以销售海鲜,还可以为海鲜提供不同的烹饪方式。 消费者可以宁可外卖煮熟的海鲜,甚至可以在海鲜酒吧用餐。

这个想法来自日本着名的海鲜市场:“筑地场外市场”,这是一个与零售店和餐厅相结合的海鲜贸易市场。 我们在这个项目上的使命是为海鲜零售部门创造一个全新的外观和感觉。 从命名,品牌设计到制服,室内设计及包装设计等等。

client:  China Chain Supermarket
categories:  branding - packaging - visual identity
year:  2018