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A well-crafted packaging design effectively communicates the product's function and benefits to the consumer while simultaneously conveying the brand to the market. It should possess a timeless quality that remains relevant even after a decade. Such designs are timeless, remaining relevant and unexpired even after a decade has passed.

In 2011, we assisted Scott Hong Kong in revamping the packaging design for one of their flagship product lines—Scott Kitchen Paper Roll. This product line has been the top seller in the market for over 10 years, and the packaging design has remained the same. This indicates that our design has stood the test of time for a decade, demonstrating to consumers that it is an iconic and timeless design regardless of the years that have passed.

In honor of the Scott brand's 150th anniversary, Kimberly-Clark HK has once again invited us to revamp the packaging design for this top-selling product series.


2011年,我们协助 Scott Hong Kong 重新设计了其旗舰产品系列之一 Scott 厨房卷纸的包装设计。该产品系列在市场上畅销了十多年,包装设计也始终如一。这表明我们的设计经受住了十年的考验,向消费者展示了无论过了多少年,它都是一个标志性的、永恒的设计。

为了纪念 Scott 品牌成立 150 周年,Kimberly-Clark HK 再次邀请我们重新设计这个畅销产品系列的包装设计。

client:  Kimberly Clark
categories:  packaging
year:  2024