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Razer, the world's leading e-sports trend brand, and Mars Wrigley, the world's leading snack food company, have launched a new e-sports snack brand - RESPAWN. Razer and Mars Wrigley have joined forces to launch RESPAWN™, a variety of sugar-free gum and sugar-free mints in multiple flavors to help improve players’ gaming performance and experience.

One of the highlights of the entire design project is that our team participated in the first product appearance design research and development. From the first draft to the final design, we designed a total of more than 20 candy product appearances for testing. The unique candy-shaped design is the world's first tablet mint designed in the shape of a game console controller. We have also applied for design patents globally and domestically.

We hope that this project, which integrates branding, product appearance, packaging and promotional design, can successfully cater to the consumer group headed by e-sports players, highlight the focus and uniqueness of this new brand, and create a new brand for Mars China. A new snack market.

We have several key points in the process of researching the appearance design of mints:

  1. About appearance - youth, popularity, e-sports related, memorable, topical
  2. About the function - the high-low, concave-convex surface design increases the friction between the candy and the tongue surface, achieving the effect of improving concentration.
  3. About production - Tablet candy relies on the research and development of tablet candy manufacturing technology for enterprise production. It mainly uses pressure to compress granules or fine powder into a closely connected process. Therefore, the shape of the tableted mints cannot be too complicated, and the possibility of post-production must be taken into account.





  1. 关于外形 - 年轻、流行程度、电竞相关、有记忆点、有话题性
  2. 关于功能 - 高低、凹凸有致的表面设计、增加糖果与舌头表面的摩擦,达到提升专注力的效果
  3. 关于生产 - 压片糖果靠的是用压片糖制造技术研究进行企业生产,主要是借着压力把颗粒或者细粉压缩到一个紧密联系结合的过程。所以压片薄荷糖外形不能够太复杂,要兼顾后期生产的可能性。

client:  Mars Wrigley
categories:  packaging - product design
year:  2023