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Razer, the world's leading e-sports trend brand, and Mars Wrigley, the world's leading snack food company, have launched a new e-sports snack brand - RESPAWN. Razer and Mars Wrigley have joined forces to launch RESPAWN™, a variety of sugar-free gum and sugar-free mints in multiple flavors to help improve players’ gaming performance and experience.

RESPAWN™ Double happiness! Bringing players endless taste and gaming experience! The RESPAWN™ chewing gum series includes three sugar-free flavors: Cool Mint, Watermelon, and Pomegranate, and an explosive spicy flavor specially designed for the Chinese market. Long-lasting and chewy, it allows you to maintain your taste and concentration during the game as if you are in the real e-sports world. In addition, a series of sugar-free mints have been launched, including Cool Mint and Coke Mint flavors. The world's first product has a unique appearance design, just like a game controller specially created for game enthusiasts. The sucrose-free formula allows you to enjoy it while managing your figure easily.

We are honored to be Mars' partner in product development and design projects in China. The project will start in mid-2021, starting from the name of the brand to exploring and researching product categories as the first stage of the project. Taking brand trademark, product appearance, packaging, e-commerce, and advertising design as the second stage of work, we have been communicating closely with the customer's domestic sales team and global design department during the process to ensure that the positioning and direction of the product can meet the preferences of e-sports players need.

Therefore, throughout the entire research and development process, we conducted multiple online and physical store customer experience tests on packaging, product design, and taste. Ultimately, chewing gum and mints were selected as the first products from six different types of products.


RESPAWN™ 双重快乐! 带给玩家无尽的味觉和游戏体验! RESPAWN™口香糖系列包含三种无糖口味:酷爽薄荷、西瓜红石榴,以及特别为中国市场设计的劲爆麻辣口味。持久耐嚼,让你在游戏中保持口感和集中力,仿佛置身于真实的电竞世界。此外还推出了无糖薄荷糖系列,包括酷爽薄荷和可乐薄荷两种口味。全球首发的产品外形设计独特,仿佛一个专为游戏爱好者打造的游戏手柄。无蔗糖配方,让你尽情享受的同时也能轻松管理身材。



client:  Mars Wrigley
categories:  packaging - branding
year:  2023