Racinne Series 4 - DELICARE SKIN CARE SERIES home

Racinne presents DELICARE PERFECTION, created to soothe, hydrate and protect the most sensitive skin. Delisens is a key active ingredient that serves as an anti-allergenic moisturizing agent that effectively calms sensitive skin, reduces redness and inflammation, and combats dry skin problems. Dermatologist tested and free of fragrance and 10 common skin irritants, DELICARE PERFECTION soothes, strengthens and repairs dry and sensitive skin for beautiful and healthy glow.

Sensitive Skin Care Solutions made Simple with DELICARE PERFECTION!

This is the fourth project we completed with our Canada client Racinne. From naming, branding to packaging and container design.

client:  Racinne
categories:  packaging - branding
year:  2014