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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important festival for the Chinese every year, and moon cakes are an indispensable traditional food to celebrate this festival. This year, MAGOSINE PET collaborated with Hong Kong’s local traditional gift cake brand “Shao Heung Yuen” to develop a "dog moon cake" that can be eaten by pets. Mooncakes are made of natural materials, such as chicken, purple sweet potato, sweet potato and carrots suitable for dogs, without preservatives, and top-notch "Freeze Dried freeze-vacuum drying technology". The natural nutrition of the food is completely sealed, and it can be stored for a long time at room temperature without adding preservatives. Let a group of Wang Xing people have a taste of Mid-Autumn Festival with mankind!

We provide a series of design services for this very meaningful product. From branding development to packaging and gift design. All sales income of the moon cakes will be donated to various animals and pet related associations.

中秋節是中國人每年的一個很重要的節日,月餅更是慶祝這個節日不可或缺的一個傳統特色食物。今年 MAGOSINE PET聯同香港本地傳統禮餅品牌紹香園合作研發了一款可供寵物食用的”狗狗月餅”。月餅採用天然材料,如雞肉、紫薯、蕃薯和紅蘿蔔等適合狗狗的食材,不落防腐劑,加上採用頂級「Freeze Dried 冷凍真空乾燥技術 」製作而成。完整封存了食物的天然營養, 不加防腐劑也能在常溫狀態下長久保存。讓一班汪星人都可以同人類過一個滋味既中秋!

我們為了這個十分有意義的產品提供了一系列的設計服務。從品牌建立,到包裝、贈品設計。售賣月餅的全數收益將會撥捐至多個物物 / 寵物相關協會。


categories:  packaging - branding
year:  2021