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The Kotex® Stellar series is a concept designed for the Super Ultrathin range of sanitary pads. It uses a Space Grade Ultralight absorbent material that is quickly absorbed. It's important to note that the Stellar series is not referring to any specific ingredients or components.

The optimal fit is guaranteed by the rocket shape design, featuring a narrow front and wider back.

Kotex Stellar ensures absolute comfort for even 10,000 steps with its unparalleled flexibility that moves in sync with your body, preventing the inconvenience of bunching and twisting. Kimberly-Clark R&D Centre's research verifies that this product outperforms other brands in preventing pad bunching and twisting.

Kotex® Stellar 系列是專為超薄衛生巾系列設計的概念。 它採用航天級超輕吸收材料,可快速吸收。 需要注意的是,Stellar 系列並不是指任何特定的成分或成分。前窄後寬的火箭形狀設計保證了最佳貼合度。

Kotex Stellar 具有與您的身體同步移動的無與倫比的靈活性,即使是 10,000 步也能確保絕對舒適,防止聚攏和扭曲帶來的不便。 金佰利研發中心的研究證實,該產品在防止墊聚攏和扭曲方面優於其他品牌。

client:  Kimberly Clark
categories:  packaging
year:  2022