Kotex Herbal Soft Online Product Graphic Design home

This graphic is an online promotion for Kotex's herbal soft pads on HKTVMall. The page provides comprehensive details about the product, including its characteristics, advantages, selling points, recommended usage scenarios, and an overview of the entire product line.

Since the product is herbal-based, the page's color scheme features various shades of green along with a touch of pink to match the product. The use of leaves and textured graphics further enhance the visual appeal. Furthermore, the page utilizes rich illustrations and icons to illustrate the product's benefits, making it easier for consumers to understand.

此圖為 Kotex 草本軟墊在 HKTVMall 的網路促銷。 該頁面提供了該產品的全面詳細信息,包括其特點、優勢、賣點、推薦使用場景以及整個產品線的概述。 由於該產品是基於草藥的,因此該頁面的配色方案採用各種深淺的綠色和淡淡的粉紅色來與產品相匹配。 葉子和紋理圖形的使用進一步增強了視覺吸引力。此外,頁面也利用豐富的插圖和圖示來說明產品的優點,讓消費者更容易理解。

client:  Kimberly Clark
categories:  online - campaign
year:  2023