Kotex Goodnight Pants Online Product Graphic Design home

The Kotex Goodnight Soft Pads are promoted on HKTV mall through a detailed and informative graphic. The page provides a thorough overview of the product line, including its characteristics, advantages, selling points, and suitable usage scenarios.

The main theme for the page is the night theme, which has a dark purple color with bright pink and cyan light rays. A couple of gold stars are used as supporting elements to create an elegant and premium image for the product. The page's design is intended to match the layout of the product.

Rich illustrations and rendering images are essential in effectively communicating the features and advantages of the product to consumers. This ensures that consumers fully understand the benefits of the product and are more likely to make a purchase.

Kotex 晚安軟墊在 HKTV 商場上透過詳細且資訊豐富的圖形進行宣傳。 該頁面提供了該產品線的全面概述,包括其特點、優勢、賣點和適合的使用場景。

該頁面的主題是夜間主題,其顏色為深紫色,帶有明亮的粉紅色和青色光線。 幾顆金色星星作為支撐元素,為產品營造出優雅、優質的形象。 頁面的設計旨在與產品的佈局相匹配。

豐富的插圖和渲染圖像對於向消費者有效傳達產品的功能和優勢至關重要。 這確保消費者充分了解產品的好處並更有可能購買。

client:  Kimberly Clark
categories:  online - campaign
year:  2023