Kotex 100th Anniversary Special Edition home

高潔絲中國一年一度的”雙十一”限量版包裝設計項目。適逢今年是女性衛生巾面世100周年,亦即高潔絲品牌創立100周年的特別日子。我們今年的設計主題環繞著歷史上的女性角色地為為主,設計出一系列不同的Hello Kitty卡通人物,配合懷舊的造型及排版,為這個重要的時刻設計出”收藏品”級別的包裝及精品。

Kotex China's annual “11-11” limited edition packaging design project. This year is the special day of the 100th anniversary of the launch of feminine sanitary napkins, that is, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Kotex brand. Our design theme this year revolves around female characters in history. We have designed a series of different Hello Kitty cartoon characters. With nostalgic shapes and typography, we have designed a "collectable" level packaging and important moments. 

client:  Kimberly Clark
categories:  packaging - branding - character
year:  2019