Kleenex HK Softpack Packaging Design home

What design can seamlessly blend into a home's interior with a simple and unobtrusive style? Our team was tasked with designing the package for Kleenex Hong Kong's latest tissue paper series. The client emphasized the need for seamless integration, ensuring that the package can be discreetly placed around the home, including the dining table, sofa, bedroom, and bathroom, without feeling out of place.

Throughout the proposal process, our design team has explored various solutions, including integrating materials commonly found in households into our designs. However, this particular design style can only be incorporated in specific settings. An example of a packaging design that may not blend well in the bathroom features a graphic of a leather texture.

For the second round of proposals, we came up with a fresh approach: designing uncomplicated repeating patterns that lend themselves to effortless integration throughout the entirety of the home, like wallpaper. The packaging design showcases four effortlessly stylish patterns and a calming milk-yellow and light-gray color palette. The end product exudes a refined and sophisticated Nordic-inspired packaging design.




client:  Kimberly Clark
categories:  packaging
year:  2023