Hong Kong Jockey Club - 2020 CNY home


整個項目包括品牌設計、產品設計及包裝設計。產品設計方面除了傳統新年必備的利是封、揮春之外,我們注入了不少新的想法,如外套、Tee shirt、圍裙、地毯,產品系列比以往更年輕及貼近生活,希望為今個農曆新年帶來一番新景象。

Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year, which is the most important festival for Chinese people. Chinese people often use red items as decorations for the New Year, which means auspicious and festive.

Different from the traditional style, we created a series of cute and festive cartoon characters based on horses this year at the request of customers. The project includes brand design, product design and packaging design. In terms of product design, in addition to the traditional New Year's benefits, we have put many new ideas, such as coats, Tee shirts, aprons, and carpets…etc. The product series is now more close to the young generation’s lifestyle than before, brings a new look to this traditional festival.

client:  Hong Kong Jockey Club
categories:  branding - packaging - product - character
year:  2020