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鴻福堂自家喜慶系列的新產品 - 天然補身佳品自家米水, 可以幫助排毒美顏、健脾益身。當然亦是百分百無添加,並獨立包裝,方便忙碌的都市人隨時隨地享用,改善身體。我們為此新系列產品設計了3款不同包裝,因對象都是媽媽在懷孕或生產後坐月時作為保健飲品,所以我們在設計及用色上都盡量簡潔,舒服。

The new product of Hung Fook Tong's own festive series-natural tonic and self-made rice water, can help to detoxify the beauty and strengthen the spleen. Of course, it is also 100% non-additive and individually packaged, which is convenient for busy urbanites to enjoy anytime, anywhere, and improve their bodies. We have designed 3 different packages for this new series of products. Since the objects are mothers' health drinks when they are pregnant or sitting for months after giving birth, we have tried to make the design and color as simple and comfortable as possible.

client:  Hung Fook Tong
categories:  packaging
year:  2019