Hung Fook Tong Chicken Essence Advertising Campaign 2021 home

We designed, shooting, and produced a brand new advertisement for the chicken essence of Hung Fook Tong. The theme of this advertisement is "If you are healthy, you can always meet with your friends." The scene is designed as a coffee shop window position where you can see the outdoor scenery.

The sun shines from outside the window into the room, creating a warm feeling of a friends gathering afternoon. While shooting the advertiser's vision, we also took a series of store application photos for our customers. The artist Alfred Hui once again appeared on stage, with a cheerful atmosphere in his shape and expression, introducing Hung Fook Tong's health products to everyone.


Creative Director: Clement Young
Designer: Elvey Tong
Photographer: FAN KAR-LONG
Producer: Matt Li
Styling: royksopp

client:  Hung Fook Tong
categories:  advertising - campaign
year:  2021