Hung Fook Tong Chicken Essence Advertising Campaign 2021 home

We have successfully created a captivating advertisement for Hung Fook Tong's chicken essence. The ad effectively promotes the idea that good health is a key ingredient for quality time with friends. The shoot took place at a cozy coffee shop, boasting a scenic view of the outdoors. The warm and inviting atmosphere was perfect for a gathering of friends, with the sunlight adding to the cozy ambiance.

During the shoot, we captured several photos showcasing the product in-store, providing our customers with a closer look. Alfred Hui, a dynamic and charismatic artist, presented Hung Fook Tong's health products with zeal and vigor, making the ad all the more compelling.


Creative Director: Clement Young
Designer: Elvey Tong
Photographer: FAN KAR-LONG
Producer: Matt Li
Styling: royksopp

client:  Hung Fook Tong
categories:  advertising - campaign
year:  2021