Extra Beauty Branding and Packaging Design home

This is a branding and packaging design project for Extra new product line, “Extra Beauty,” which launched at China market in 2021. We worked closely with the MARS global design team in the USA to develop this new branding at phase 1. After that, we continue the phase 2 project with the "China Global Design team” on the packaging, visual, and POSM. Also, we explored both English and Chinese versions based on the new Extra VI language for the new branding design.

We want to deliver a young and cosmetic-looking image to this first-ever beauty-related product in the “Extra” history. We’ve worked hard to develop something not regular Extra would do on their existing product line, like the color scheme, illustration style, font type design, etc., 

這是Extra 2021年在中國市場推出的新全產品線“Extra Beauty”的品牌和包裝設計項目。這次我們與MARS瑪氏美國的”品牌設計團隊”密切合作,在第一階段開發了這個新品牌設計。品牌商標設計建基於新的Extra VI品牌語言,我們一起下探索及設計了新logo的英文和中文版本。在第二階段,我們開始與MARS瑪氏中國“品牌設計團隊”在包裝、視覺和POSM方面合作開發。 

由於這是Extra在市場上第一個“美容相關”產品,我們試圖開發一些在常規Extra現有產品線上從未有出現過的設計手法。 像配色方案、插圖風格、字體設計等,希望傳遞一個年輕而美觀的全新產品。

client:  Mars
categories:  branding - packaging - Keyvisual
year:  2021