Dood Bottega Gelateria home

"My goal is to make the best Gelato in the country. To reach this level, each taste and texture must be different, it must have its own unique formula, and everything must start with the raw materials." Store owner Jackson

Dood Bottega Gelateria is the one and craziest one to make such quality hand made fresh gelato.

"Dood" chose to do so for the benefit of our customers. Over time the importance of the environment where you relax for five minutes has grown, from breakfast to the midnight ice-cream. We have tried to bridge the gap between the craftsman who is unable to describe to every one the little secrets.

Fully hand-made Italian ice cream brand Dood, our client pays attention to every production process and all details. We also pay attention to design details when communicating with our clients about the entire brand design. Therefore, we added a lot of hand-painted landscapes and characters to the entire brand design, tried to put a little more casual and casual feeling of European design style, and wanted to highlight the uniqueness of traditional Italian ice cream craftsmanship.



Dood Bottega Gelateria著迷於製作出優質的新鮮手做意大利雪糕

"Dood" 選擇製作出如此優質的意大利雪糕是為了滿足客戶。 隨著生活急速的環境,放鬆五分鐘變得越來越重要。我們試圖彌合那些無法做到的工匠之間的差距。 向所有人描述意大利雪糕工藝的小秘密和軼事。


client:  DOOD
categories:  branding - packaging
year:  2020