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BOP is one of the best-selling oral care brands in China market. The young and professional brand image and online selling strategy benefit their mouth spray product become China number 1 in only half a year after launch. In 2021, bdworkshop started working with this young brand, providing creative service on their new product development planning.

The traditional mouth spray provides a fresh experience to the consumer and fixes the bad breath problem by adding a strong mint flavor. Some consumers may feel uncomfortable with the strong after-taste feeling, so this is why BOP's mouth spray can stand out in the highly competitive oral care industry. Coffee taste mouth spray is a revolutionary product that provides a strong coffee smell with gentle mint after taste. Not only can it remove the after-meal bad breath, but it also keeps a coffee smell in the mouth.

To target the young generation, especially in the women segment, our team has given a trendy touch to this special edition—a lipstick container design with leopard patterns and a golden text effect. The coffee edition product sales quickly climbed to the industry's sales champion position at a geometric level.

BOP是中國市場最暢銷的口腔護理品牌之一。年輕專業的品牌形象和線上銷售策略,讓他們的口腔噴霧產品在推出後僅半年就成為中國第一。 2021年bdworkshop開始與這個年輕品牌合作,為其新品開發策劃提供創意服務。

傳統的口腔噴霧劑為消費者提供清新的體驗,並通過添加強烈的薄荷味來解決口臭問題。有些消費者可能不太喜歡強烈的口腔余韻感覺,這也是為什麼 BOP 的口腔噴霧劑能夠在競爭激烈的口腔護理行業中脫穎而出的原因。咖啡味口噴霧是一種革命性的產品,可提供濃郁的咖啡氣味和溫和的薄荷味。不僅能去除飯後口臭,還能在一段長時間後令口腔保持淡淡的咖啡味。


client:  BOP
categories:  packaging
year:  2021