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從一開始我們的創作團隊嘗試就整個項目定出一個明確方向,就是不要為帶出產品的功效而出現太過負面的訊息。我們嘗試研究在忙碌香港人群中,究竟從事什麼行業是很多時侯需要長時間工作,什至常常加班? 但從業員又不會有太大反感,有時候什至可能是希望工作能夠忙碌一點、多一點OT機會的。


這是bdworkshop第一次統籌及制作一個完整的廣告項目: 從創作、到平面設計、相片拍攝,到電視廣告的創意、拍攝分鏡、美術指導、廣告對白及後期制作。對我們來說一來是一個全新的挑戰,也給予了機會應用我們遇創意到不同層面及媒介上。

The print and TV commercials project for Hung Fook Tong's new products. As a new member of the chicken essence series, the primary function of Golden Clam Essence is to provide the most effective and gentle health supplement for busy urbanites, working long hours, eating irregular hours, and excessive alcohol and tobacco people. To bring out the product's efficacy,  our creative team tried to set a clear direction for the project, not having too many negative messages. We try to study what industries are engaged in among the busy Hong Kong people, which often require long hours of work and even overtime? However, practitioners will not be too disgusted, and sometimes they may even hope to work a little busier or a little OT opportunity.

Finally, we thought of the celebrity / artist's work to bring out the product features of Golden Clam Essence. It can provide the most substantial backing for the busy artist's life so that the artist has sufficient physical strength and health to work hard and pursue more possibilities!

This is the first time for bdworkshop to coordinate and produce a complete advertising project: from creation to graphic design, photoshoot, TV commercial creativity, shooting storyboards, art direction, advertising dialogue, and post-production. It was a whole new challenge for us and an opportunity to apply our creative ideas to different levels and mediums.

client:  Hung Fook Tong
categories:  campaign - advertising - graphic design
year:  2021