Hung Fook Tong 35th Anniversary Campaign home

A project to celebrate the 35th birthday of Hong Kong's largest chain of traditional Chinese herbal beverages. We started with the design of the 35th-anniversary logo; the logo design concept combines natural curve illustrations with the outline of the house, representing herbal elements and the client's core brand mission of "homemade."

Mr. Alfred Hui, who has been the spokesperson of Hung Fook Tong for more than ten years, wore two different shop uniforms to take photos for the 35th anniversary of the promotion. The design background of the advertisement uses relatively warm and soft colors and some small holiday elements, plus the protruding "35th" font as the critical elements of the ad so that the key-visual color is full of a warm and joyful atmosphere.

為慶祝香港最大型的傳統中草藥飲品連鎖店集團35歲生日的項目。 我們從設計35週年標誌開始; 標誌設計的理念是將自然曲線插圖與屋子的輪廓互相結合,代表草本的元素和客戶的核心品牌使命“自家製”。

擔任鴻福堂代言人超過10年的許庭亨先生穿著兩款不同的店鋪制服拍攝35周年宣傳相片。廣告的設計背景用上比較溫暖柔和的顏色和一些節日小元素,加上凸出的“35th”字型作為廣告的關鍵元素,使主視覺的色調充滿了溫暖歡樂的氣氛 .

Creative Director: Clement Young
Designer: Elvey Tong
Photographer: FAN KAR-LONG
Producer: Matt Li
Styling: royksopp

client:  Hung Fook Tong
categories:  advertising - campaign
year:  2021