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Our mandate is to create a fresh brand for GNC, named GNC Lite China, that fuses supplements with snacks or foods to make a complete daily meal.

Our design philosophy demands that we incorporate youthful and snack-related elements into the conceptual design, while still retaining the original GNC style. For this project, we have made a bold investment in fluorescent pink and illustrations as key elements, to steer clear of the commonplace blue and white color scheme used in sports snacks and to captivate the new target market of young females.

GNC Lite中国的概念设计。 客户希望在GNC下创建一个新品牌,将补充剂和零食或食物结合在一起作为日常膳食。我们的设计理念是在保持原有GNC风格的同时,在概念设计中加入一些年轻化和零食相关的元素。螢光粉紅色和插图是我们在这个概念设计项目中投入的关键元素,使GNC LITE的设计更接近新的目标年轻女性市场。

client:  GNC
categories:  branding - packaging
year:  2021